About Casa Mezcal

About Us

A three-floor restaurant and bar in the Toronto´s Entertainment District. We bring an authentic Mexican gastronomical experience to the core of Toronto while also offering a generous space for nightlife and dancing on the second and third floors.
We strive to give our cherished guests a homestyle Mexican food experience and a fun club-like space in the later hours of the night. Our indoor space alone is one of the biggest spots on King Street, even without counting our 2 rooftop patios. 
Strawberry Margarita
Black Marble
Casa Mezcal opened at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020 establishing as a Restaurant Bar with high standards for its customers. Our excellence in customer service, high-quality food and overall experience have allowed us to prevail despite the challenges of a global pandemic.
We´re not shy to break away from the mold to offer you an experience like no other. 
Founded by a family of Mexican expats from the city of Acapulco that is well known for its roots in the tourism and hospitality industry. Acapulco is also one of the most famous Mezcal regions in Mexico.
Casa Mezcal´s family migrated and settled their roots in the amazing Toronto more than 12 years ago, leaving testament to the possibilities that Canada offers to hopeful immigrants.